Living in South Africa

Buddess had a post recently about Living in South Africa. 

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“Follow up on living in SA…”

We have been living in the USA for almost 5 years now. What do I miss? The beauty of our county, beaches, mountains, desert sands, plants and animals. I miss friends and family and the people from the Friendly City. I miss koeksusters, beskuit, cane, passion fruit and lemonade, Spur burgers, braaivleis, and the fact that you can drop in for a cup of coffee without making an appointment! I miss the flower gardens in fenced in yards, swimming pools in the back yard and neighbours that talk to you.

I miss TV and movies in Afrikaans (Sonkring, Agter Elke Man, Fiela se Kind) Noot vir Noot, Carte Blance and OopKykTyd! I often get a shipment of Huisgenote thanks to my sister-in-law. I am not a sports fan, but I miss the afternoons I can take my book and read while my husband and mom watch cricket and rugby! I miss the children that want to learn, because education is so important to them.

Would I ever go back to South Africa? YES! When? I do not know – here we have work, hardly any crime, and a good life. I know we can’t always get what we want, but we all want the best for our children and I hope by being here, we are giving our child a future and a wonderful experience. I feel blessed that we have had the priviledge to broaden our horizons. I miss South Africa.

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  1. Followed the link from Buddess’s blog.
    Just wanted to pop by and say “Welcome”.

  2. Thank you!

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